Baguette - 3D (stl) models for CNC machine

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Baguete is one of the most important decorative elements that helps join the junctions of different materials and room corners, serves as decoration for furniture and other objects. Baguete is a base for frames of paintings and other works of art. In addition, baguettes are used for building sides decoration. The area of application of this type of decoration is very wide. Earlier baguettes were produced by hand, which was hard and effort-taking. Nowadays, they are produced by special woodworking machines and other machines based on 3D models. In our online store we offer you a wide variety of high quality 3D models of baguettes; also there are ready-made 3D models of frames. If you haven't found a suitable patterned baguete, you can order us the production of the required model. We will fulfill the order strictly in accordance with your design.