Coat of Arms of Football Club Real Madrid - 3d (stl) model grb_stl_0014_real_madrid - 3D (stl) model

Coat of Arms of Football Club Real Madrid - 3d (stl) model, 3d models (stl)
$ 27 - STL
$ 81 - MAX/OBJ/FBX/3DS
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Item code: grb_stl_0014_real_madrid

Model for CNC machine tools and 3D printers. Free adapt to the size you need.

Using this 3D model for CNC machines, you can make a modern coat of arms of Real Madrid, the famous Spanish football club, named the best among all football clubs of the 20th century. A finished product made of wood or MDF can become an independent decor, an original souvenir, or an element decorating other decorative objects.

The FC logo has always had a connection with the coat of arms of Madrid. First, the designers placed an abbreviation in the blue circle, just the way it is with the symbol of the city. Then, after a crown was placed on the city emblem, the same thing happened with the logo of the football club.