Mayan calendar brlf_0003 - 3d models (stl)

Mayan calendar, 3d models (stl)
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Item code: brlf_0003

The calendar of the ancient Maya Indians is a wonderful interior decor, perfect for ethnic styles. It can be made of wood, plastic, plexiglass, MDF or any other material. In addition, this is a great souvenir. After all, the Maya calendar is a meaningful and original gift for the New Year. And its symbolic circle with lots of interesting details draws attention to its peculiar appearance.

If you have a 3D stl model of the future product, you can easily make the Maya calendar on a CNC machine or a 3D printer. The CNC machine is able to repeat all the intricate ancient drawings with extreme precision on the material of your choice. You can buy a quality 3D model of the Maya calendar on our website! We offer discounts for new customers!

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